Meet Spencer

the Medication Dispenser!

Cridge Pharmacy and Spencer help to bring the cutting edge of medication dispensing technology to Victoria.

Spencer, lives in the patients home. Delivering the correct medication to the patient at the proper times.


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"Everything about this Pharmacy is AAA.. Triple A. My Mom has recently become a customer and is using their new poll dispenser. Jason the owner will come by with the machine "Spencer" and teach you how to operate it. (Very simple) You meds will be delivered once a week and the Pharmacy connects directly with your doctor(s). You never have to pick up and prescription again. Their service is 110%, communication 110%, staff and management 110%. After learning of them and stopping in I am very keen to get by scripts from them as well. I can't say enough about them.. for real a Triple AAA establishment" - Jan S. March, 2018

Spencer Picture.png