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Contraception Prescribing 

Cridge Pharmacy pharmacists can assess and prescribe for all contraceptives in BC.

This service is available on a walk-in basis at all Cridge Pharmacies (see locations and hours here).

Medications available for pharmacist prescribing:

• Brevicon 1/35, Select 1/35, Brevicon 0.5/35, Marvelon, Apri, Freya, Mirvala, Yasmin, Min-ovral, Portia, Ovima, Seasonale, Seasonique, Indayo, Loestrin 1.5/30, Yaz, Yaz Plus, Alesse, Alysena, Aviane, Minestrin 1/20, LOLO • Combined Estrogen And Progestin (Triphasic): Linessa, Synphasic, Tricira Lo, Triquilar.

• Jencycla, Movisse

• Nexplanon

• Depo-provera

• Mirena, Kyleena

• Evra


• Copper-t IUD: Flexi-t, Liberte, Mona Lisa


**Emergency Contraceptives:

• Ulipristal: Ella

• Plan B, Backup Plan Onestep, other generics*

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