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Minor Ailment Prescribing Pharmacists

As announced in September 2022, the Ministry of Health is working with the College of Pharmacists of BC on regulations that will enable pharmacists to prescribe medication for minor ailments and contraception.

Currently, pharmacists in 9 Canadian jurisdictions can prescribe for minor ailments, and pharmacists in 4 Canadian jurisdictions can prescribe for contraception. This new initiative is expected to improve patient access to treatment, reduce wait times, and alleviate stress in the health system. The initiative is expected to be implemented in spring 2023.

Over the coming months, the Ministry will collaborate with key partners to develop a service model that allows B.C. residents to get prescriptions for minor ailments and contraception at a pharmacy.

Key decisions will be made about:

  • The definition of minor ailments

  • Approved drugs

  • Service model

  • Funding mechanism

  • College regulatory requirements

Key considerations include:

  • Safe and timely access

  • Best practice and quality service

  • Improved patient outcomes

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