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The Most Overlooked Pharmacy Service - Free Delivery

Provision of delivery services are often an important but overlooked service when choosing a pharmacy for you and your family.

Cridge Family Pharmacy offers free deliver for your family's prescriptions from Sooke to Sidney. We have the largest and most comprehensive pharmacy delivery service in Victoria. Our efforts to expand and improve our delivery service stems from the need we saw in our most vulnerable patient populations. Those who are sick, dealing with multiple conditions or have limited immobility are unable to go to a pharmacy when they need it the most. Also, caregivers having to make regular trips to the pharmacy results in caregiver burn-out.

We put our patients first by being the only pharmacy in Greater Victoria to offer 7 day a week prescription delivery from Sidney to Sooke.

Have regularly filled prescriptions? Ask about auto-fill and auto-delivery which gets you your prescriptions when you are about to run out. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and 90 day intervals with this service.

Keep an eye out for our new Prius's which hybrid technology reduced our carbon footprint by 60%! You can feel safe that Cridge Family Pharmacy is getting you your prescriptions in the most timely and environmentally friendly way.

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